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Two Moons Distillery

Two Moons Calamansi Gin

Two Moons Calamansi Gin

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Distilled with a mix of locally-grown and Southeast Asian Calamansi, the Two Moons Calamansi Gin was created to deliver a thirst-quenching experience amidst Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity. A native fruit to Southeast Asia, the Calamansi’s crisp aroma, strategically paired with juniper berries and a hint of spruce bring on an incredibly fresh and invigorating citrus experience. Representing the quintessential summertime in Hong Kong, enjoy a punchy, flavor-packed gin, perfect for adventure-seeking palates craving a new sensation and experience.

Region: Hong Kong

Distillery: Two Moons Distillery

ABV: 47.0% 

Vol: 700ml

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