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Sakurao Gin Limited

Sakurao Gin Limited

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17 specially selected botanicals that feature the riches of the land and sea from Hiroshima are used as ingredients and distilled using a combination of steeping and vapor methods to create this craft gin.

Region: Hiroshima, Japan

Distillery: Sakurao Brewery and Distillery

Age: NAS

ABV: 47.0% 

Vol: 700ml


  1. Japanese Sakura,  Hatsukaichi
  2. Japanese Juniper berries, Hiroshima
  3. Kuromoji (Japanese spicebush), Hiroshima
  4. Kinome (Japanese pepper leaf), Hiroshima
  5. Oyster,  Hatsukaichi
  6. Wasabi,  Hatsukaichi
  7. Juniper berry leaf, Hiroshima
  8. Ao Shiso (green Perilla),  Higashi hiroshima
  9. Lemon, Hiroshima
  10. Navel (sweet orange), Hiroshima
  11. Sweet summer orange, Hiroshima
  12. Yuzu, Akitakata
  13. Dai Dai (bitter orange), Hiroshima
  14. Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Hiroshima
  15. Green tea, Fuchu
  16. Aka Shiso (red   Perilla), Yamagata
  17. Ginger,  Jinseki
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