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Hong Kong Craft Distillery Co

Hanabi x N.I.P Craft Gin Silver Leaf Marshmallow Edition

Hanabi x N.I.P Craft Gin Silver Leaf Marshmallow Edition

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Wine.Luxe has invited Nyangsongi, a popular Korean illustrator, to design the label. Inspired by the winter wonderland, the scene of Adam and Mi lighting up a firework on a snowy mountain will warm everybody’s heart.

The original character of N.I.P Rare Dry Gin stays, but with a twist. The gin is marshmallow and juniper forward to begin with, followed by the refreshing pear and citrus notes. Upon swirling on the tongue, more of the subtle flavours from the tea, aged tangerine peels and warm spices will begin to surface. The finishing is graceful with lingering sweetness, rounding off a long, soothing and complex palate.

Region: Hong Kong

Distillery: Hong Kong Craft Distillery Co.

ABV: 43.0% 

Vol: 500ml

Botanicals: 20 different botanicals, plus marshmallow flavor and silver leaves

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