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Hampden Estate

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic Pure Single Jamaican Rum

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic Pure Single Jamaican Rum

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Hampden HLCF Classic is a Jamaican molasses rum made under the Hampden Light Continental Flavoured (HLCF) brand, which is used for rums with a high concentration of esters, i.e. from 400 to 600 gr/hlpa. Despite its strength, as evidenced by its 60% alcohol content, this rum remains delicate and refined with its toasted notes of wood and spice. Made using secret methods that have been used since the 1753 in the Trelawny Parish. This rum was distilled in a single copper pot still and then aged for four years in oak barrels before bottling without adding any sugar or coloring.

Region: Jamaica

Distillery: Hampden Estate Distillery

Age: 4 Year Old

Vintage: 2017

Year Bottled: 2022

ABV: 60.0% 

Vol: 700ml

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