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Echigo Yakuso

Echigo Yakuso Yaso Gin 100

Echigo Yakuso Yaso Gin 100

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YASO SPIRITS is a distilled extract of 80 kinds of wild plants such as mugwort, turmeric, dokudami, and ginseng, which are slowly fermented and matured in a ceramic pot for about a year. YASO GIN is an overseas original that blends 20 kinds of wild plants, such as echigo toki, Japanese yam carrot leaves, and ginseng berries. 

Botanical spirits "80" + Wild plants "20" ...

 Classical botanical aroma that blends with the fresh wildflower scents which produced the base spirit. Nice floral aromas (rose, lavender, jasmine, chamomile and thyme orange flower) balancing with the scent of the unique ginseng berry.

Region: Japan

Distillery: Echigo Yakuso

Age: NAS

ABV: 47.0% 

Vol: 700ml

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